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    There is a perfect outfit for all body types out there. The VTO technology by Scanatic™ for Fashion helps you find it and it's coming soon...

    The VTO by Scanatic™ for Fashion utilizes all the digital assets - the avatar, the 3D fabric and clothes 100% originate from their physical sources by ScanaticTM Platform and makes shopping fun and easy

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    ScanaticTM Platform


    The backbone to your digital fashion transformation!


    The Scanatic™ Platform allows you to innovate from the ground up by combining the elements you need to transform your fashion business digitally. It is the underlying gateway that connects the hardware, software and AI aspects of all the software modules, collectively called the Scanatic™ for Fashion solutions. Users can subscribe to individual Scanatic™ for Fashion services and access them on the user-friendly Scanatic™ for Fashion website.


    With the Scanatic™ Platform, you can access advanced data that enables you to understand the body shape of your actual or target customers. You can generate compelling 3D assets (body, fabric, garment)that help you differentiate your brand, and create experiences that your customers will love.

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